Kinkayo Consultant

For: Auditors, Red Teams, Threat Hunters, Incident Responders and Security Consultants and Service Providers


IP search and monitoring

Keyword search and monitoring

Timeline and reporting

Automated reporting

Description: Perform security projects and assessments and deliver unique and critical results to your customers.


  • Unlimited keyword search
  • Search refining with logical search
  • Categorization of findings
  • Removal of false positives
  • Event timeline profiling
  • Analyst contextualising and commenting
  • Automated pdf reporting
  • Bulk data export in common data formats

Benefits: Discover the customer’s cyber exposure – leaked passwords, stolen intellectual property and hacker groups targeting organizations and individuals. Find regulated financial and personally identifiable information. Discover external data breaches that might affect your clients.

Help your clients to avoid liabilities, improve their situational awareness and mitigate emerging risks.

Extend your capabilities to cover testing of already leaked credentials in red team exercises, penetration testing and phishing testing services.

Pricing model: annual fee per consultant seat, concurrent users

Benny Roth
Director, Business Development
+65 9728 9599
Pasi Koistinen
Head of Operations
+65 9296 6432
Mikko S. Niemelä
+65 8869 0998