Kinkayo Investigate

Conduct investigations to find evidence of cyber crime, incidents and threats in Darkweb, Deepweb and Data breaches.

For: Investigators, Digital forensics, Intelligence analysis and Law enforcement


Data Breaches

Geo IP search


Financial Fraud

Description: From credit card frauds & stolen identities to intellectual property theft & illegal substances trade – we manage them daily. Access market places, closed discussion forums and data leak platforms. Extract and export metadata from profiles for cross-reference.

Detecting cyber crime from the dark and deep side of the web with scroll back in time feature: We make destroyed records available. Raw data export capability to fully integrate with current forensic systems and processes.

Prevention of terrorist attacks, preparing for major national transformations and anticipating emerging threats. Intelligence operators use our solutions to enrich their analytics with our raw data of online assets and dark web activity.


  • Investigate several cases and case files
  • Unlimited keyword search
  • Search refining with logical search
  • Metadata extraction
  • Access to restricted data sources
  • Rediscover deleted published information
  • Categorization of findings
  • Removal of false positives
  • Event timeline profiling
  • Analyst contextualising and commenting
  • Data export in common data formats
  • Court-proof integrity of evidence
  • And more..


Benefits: Speed up investigations by using an automated analysis engine and tools.

Gain access to vast archive of evidence that keeps on growing in real time dating back multiple years. Attribute incidents and cyber crimes to actors and their activities. Monitor activity of your investigation cases in real time.


Pricing model: Annual fee per concurrent investigator seat


Benny Roth
Director, Business Development
+65 9728 9599
Pasi Koistinen
Head of Operations
+65 9296 6432
Mikko S. Niemelä
+65 8869 0998