Kinkayo Monitor

Proactive (early warning), continuous monitoring and real time alerting from Darkweb, Deepweb and Data Breaches

For: Managed security service providers (MSSP) & Security operations centers (SOC)


IP search and monitoring

Keyword search and monitoring

Timeline and reporting

Automated reporting

Description: Kinkayo Monitor is a unique cyber (threat) intelligence data source that complements the traditional IOC data sources. A problem for most SOC operators and MSSPs is incomplete coverage of threat sources. Many companies cover a wide variety of technical IOC (indicator of compromise) sources like system logs, network events, attack detection systems and so on.


  • Unlimited keywords, rules and alerting criteria for continuous monitoring
  • Multiple client organizations, analysts and users
  • Integration to SOC monitoring systems via API
  • Data bulk export and automatic PDF reports

Benefits: The monitoring provided by a SOC gives organizations an advantage to defend against security incidents. With Kinkayo Monitor service security operations center analysts will be able to detect, analyze, respond to, report on, and prevent cybersecurity incidents that were previously impossible to find. We monitor sources that have not been previously covered by SOC services. Monitoring of cyber attack campaigns also enables anticipation and early warning of the customers. Detect threats and data breaches early, reduce response time, and enable timely and efficient incident response process.

Pricing model: Annual fee per number of clients


Benny Roth
Director, Business Development
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Pasi Koistinen
Head of Operations
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Mikko S. Niemelä
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