Kinkayo featured in the Straits Times

Originally published at:   More than 60% of Singapore-listed companies score well on cyber security: Study   SINGAPORE – Singapore-listed firms scored well in a private study of companies from 11 markets. The study by cyber intelligence company Kinkayo found that more than 60 per cent of companies here have little or no cyber […]

Kinkayo to publish Cyber Exposure Index

The Cyber Exposure Index is based on data collected from publicly available sources in the dark web, deep web and data breaches. From that data, signs of sensitive disclosure, exposed credentials and hacker group activity against a company are identified. Companies are ranked based on the number of findings and the risk that the findings […]

Kinkayo featured in INSEAD Knowledge

Cybersecurity: The Role of the Board originally published in: A three-step process for board directors to start improving cyber-oversight. In 2016, cybercrime cost U.S. firms more than US$17 million on average, based on a benchmark study of 237 global companies. According to a think-tank report, the global economic losses caused by cyberattacks total an […]

Kinkayo participates in Interpol World

4-7th July 2017 Kinkayo participates in both Interpol World Congress and Exhibition   About Interpol World The mandate of INTERPOL World, a global exhibition and congress platform, encapsulates the vision of a safer world through using innovations and engaging government, organizations, and strategic think tanks in a multi-stakeholder approach. INTERPOL World 2017 allowed companies to […]

Hacking South African companies takes less than one minute

Originally published in:   When it comes to securing a business against cyber threats, the talk, money and focus seems to be on internal networks, systems and virtually everything inside the organization. Antivirus software, firewalls and intrusion and fraud detection are often discussed with executives who are responsible for looking after their businesses. But […]

Kinkayo partners with Interpol

Kinkayo partners with Interpol     Kinkayo partners with Interpol in dark web and cyber exposure training and threat information sharing.   Mutual benefits   By working with private entities, INTERPOL can benefit from access to expertise, technology and other resources that are not readily available in the public sector.   Private entities offer a […]

Kinkayo collaborates with various universities

Kinkayo starts collaboration with security, statistics, economics and computer science researchers in INSEAD, National University of Singapore, University of Stirling and Tampere University of Technology. Cooperation covers cyber exposure and risk modelling from Kinkayo’s data and hopefully will result to cross-disciplinary publications between universities. Kinkayo is focusing on discovering cyber exposure from dark web, deep […]